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Pet Portraits

Artist Tim McIntire

One of my specialties is creating custom portraits of pets from photos supplied by clients. As you can see from the gallery and price chart, these are available in a number of sizes and media, from the 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" "ACEOs", to 20" x 26" pastel paintings. Custom acrylic paintings are available in even larger sizes.

My objectiive with each commission is to create a portrait that has representational accuracy, and also captures expression, recognizing that most clients will be looking for "personality" in a portrait, as well as a good overall likeness.

Please note that while it is helpful to have more than one photo of a  subject (or subjects), I do need at least one that shows the pet(s) in the position desired for the finished portrait.

Feel free to contact me at no obligation with any questions regarding commissioning a portrait.

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Hawkeye “Hawkeye” 16" x 20" Pastel
Chestnut Splash “Chestnut Splash” 5 1/2" x 7" Colored Pencil
Shep “Shep” 11" x 14" Pastel
Cowboy “Cowboy” 11" x 14" Pastel
Angie “Angie” 8" x 10" Pastel
Spencer “Spencer” 8" x 10" Charcoal
Lobo “Lobo” 9" x 12" Charcoal
Kato “Kato” 11" x 14" Pastel