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Constructing An Art Storage "Filebox"

Posted March 29, 2011

For storage of large artworks on paper and sheet stock, nothing, in my opinion beats vertical storage; specifically, giant hanging folders. I have never been able, however, to find a system available commercially that suited my needs.Read the details of how I built one.

A Vertical Paintbrush Rack

Posted March 12, 2011

For awhile I had felt that in order to properly protect my acrylic brushes, (many of which are of rather high quality), I needed a better way to air dry them following cleaning. ...The ideal solution seemed to be to clench them in some sort of apparatus that would suspend them, head down, without the bristles being pressed against anything, and so that plenty of air could circulate around them. Read how I built my own custom drying-rack.

A New Use for Old Markers

Posted March 03, 2011

The idea was to remove all traces of ink from a marker, and then use it selectively remove to pigment from a support; sort of like a paintbrush in reverse. Read more...

Tim McIntire

Tim McIntire

I'm an artist from Southwest Missouri who likes to work with a wide variety of both media and subjects. This blog chronicles a few of my adventures in art, sculpture and related gadget-making.

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